Care of Your Home During the time Monsoon

Monsoon, the season of romance and poetry, isn’t really interesting as it can destroy your households. They need some extra care from you to keep your house safe and damage-free.

Take note of drainage

A blocked drainage channel can be one of monsoon’s worst problems. Dry leaves, trash and food particles congest the drainage channel when flying with heavy water. A clogged drainage pipe emits a foul smell that can ruin the home’s architectural environment. It can also serve as the spawning ground for mosquitoes, killing diseases like Dengue, Malaria, etc. Great pressure from cumulative water will permanently destroy your drainage.

Daily drain cleaning is required in rainy season. Fix cracks until the monsoon sets in so the strong water pressure doesn’t split the pipes.

Look for roof and walls

In monsoon, the walls and ceiling face the typical flow dilemma. This will cause irreversible house harm due to dampness. And these should be cared for. Test every corner of the roof and wall for crack. If crack is detected, close the crack. Better using a waterproof mortar to cover the gaps. Before the monsoon comes, calling practitioners to do the above-mentioned stuff would still be a smart idea. Fungus and moss also start to grow on walls this season due to excess humidity, which can weaken the wall. You should regularly clean your walls, particularly exterior walls, and roof.

Treatment about rust

Rust hurts your iron households and window grills this season. Those to be handled correctly. Regularly scrub grills with anti-rust cleaners. If necessary, you should paint grills.

Clean the roads

In this season, the paths should get extra attention as they become muddy, catching algae and moss. To keep the road clean and dry, treat it with chlorine water. The pathway should be washed correctly.

It’s time to keep tapes hidden

While carpet gives your hall an elegant appearance, preserving it is not a simple job. When a carpet catches humidity, it lasts long and leaves a long-lasting influence on it. Monsoon increases moisture buildup likelihood. It’s time to roll the carpet down. Until you store the carpet, always vacuum the carpet to make sure it’s dry. Camphor balls may also be inside the carpet. Otherwise it can contain fungus and bacteria.

Check circuits and wires

Until monsoon comes, household circuitry and wiring should be tested as damp still captures electricity. It could be too risky to put your life at risk. Fix faulty wires calling a licensed electrician and they will trigger a short circuit in your home.

Pay heed to AC repair

In monsoon, air conditioner is important as it keeps you happy staying away from humidity. But washing AC under rain is not an easy job. Heavy thunderstorms even destroy the air-conditioner.

Using bamboo households

In monsoon, wood, fur and wool rugs and accessories should be held indoors and supplemented with bamboo and canes. Bamboo or cane accessories on the market.

Sees tips can be incredibly helpful to keep your home clean and comfortable throughout the moist monsoon season. Keep your home storm-ready with these suggestions, so you can simply enjoy the rain with a cup of tea and a book in hand, without thinking about the conditions in your home. For more checkout Builders in Pondicherry.